POLICE in Burnley, Padiham and Colne have all issued a renewed appeal for people to refrain from holding house parties.

This comes after officers have been out since the crack of dawn dealing with the aftermath of Friday night's revellers.

They have also requested that residents continue to abide by all other regulations.

A police spokesperson said: "We know it can be a bit of a nightmare keeping up with all the latest with the Covid updates, but please refrain from having house parties and bob a mask on where needed - if you’re able to, I don’t think that’s too big an ask.

"Of course we’re still going to be dealing with the crimes reported and prioritising things appropriately but just make it that little bit easier by making it so we don’t need to go breaking up parties and mass gatherings by not having them in the first place.

"Spend a bit of time with those that you live with, whack a bit of Netflix on or marathon a box-set or two."