Police are asking for information after a number of tractors were seen driving carelessly and dangerously on a rural road, in what one officer is calling 'ridiculous behaviour'.

Sergeant Kev Day from the Ribble Valley neighbourhood policing team is seeking more details about the five tractors, which were spotted overtaking one another on a country road on July 26.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Sgt Day said: "If anyone knows who was driving these tractors on July 26, and would like to let the police know in confidence, I would ask you to get in touch.

"Similarly, you may have seen me pushing the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership in recent replies to people raising concerns about speeding and poor standards of driving.

"If you see something like this ridiculous behaviour observed in the video and you can capture the registrations or provide us with details of the drivers then we will obviously do what we can to prosecute.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"If you see speeding vehicles, cars being driven in an anti-social manner or even dangerously and don't have the evidence captured then please report all of this via orlo.uk/e2UBr .

"They respond to everyone individually and collate the data you provide to determine what speed enforcement or traffic calming is required in each area.

"Calling 101 or posting on social media will ultimately be classed as us not being able to take any further action without evidence, but recording it on this website WILL make a difference."