POLICE patrols were stepped up in a town after yobs setting off fireworks in different locations kept people awake.

On Tuesday, fireworks were set off near Bank Street and Whitaker Park in Rawtenstall between midnight and 2am.

Some residents said the fireworks had been set off at varying times, as if it was a co-ordinated attempt to cause a noise nuisance.

One resident said: “It was obviously co-ordinated as at 1.45am we saw a large display down near The Hub, at the same time another one in the centre of Rawtenstall and a couple of minutes later one up near Whitaker Park.”

This left some people living in the area worried that the police would not attend.

A spokesperson for the police said: “We are aware of concerns being raised on social media that the police would be unwilling to attend such reports, however we would like to make it clear we did deploy officers to both areas on both occasions."

On Tuesday mounted police were sent to patrol the area, and remained in Rawtenstall for the majority of the day. One resident said while a few fireworks were let off on Tuesday evening, the problem had subsided.