A 22-year-old man spotted driving a car with 'smoke piling out of it' has been arrested after failing to stop for police.

Residents in Rawtenstall were left shocked and confused after they saw a car 'speed past them, followed by two police cars and a police helicopter' late on Tuesday evening.

At around 10.30pm police attempted to stop a vehicle on Haslingden Road, but the silver Chevrolet sped off from officers before crashing into another vehicle.

A spokesperson for the police said: "The vehicle failed to stop and was followed by police.

"It then became involved in a minor collision along Haslingden Road.

"A man got out of the vehicle and made off from the scene.

"He was later found by police and arrested on suspicion of drink driving and suspicion of dangerous driving."

On Wednesday morning the man remained in custody.

Eye witness, Joseph Dempsey said: "Just got off the bus and saw a car with smoke piling out of it speed past us in direction of Asda traffic lights followed by two cop cars.

"There is a police helicopter circling over the bus station and on foot/mounted police are out. Absolute chaos."

Mounted police were also on the scene but had been in the town that day for an unrelated matter.