A VILLAGE pre-school has been praised for its high standards by Ofsted.

Downham Pre-School was praised for its teaching, equipment, facilities and resources, healthy eating, regular exercise and outings that are offered to pupils.

The report states: "The overall environment is positive, nurturing and enabling.

"Children are rewarded with lots of positive praise, encouragement and recognition for achievements and tasks.

"Staff are warm, friendly and positive in their approach to children, giving clear explanations so children feel good about themselves."

Pre-School manager Susan Carte said she was delighted with the report.

She added: "It has also outlined the improve-ments we have made since the last inspection and the high level of ongoing training and commitment from all of our staff."

Last summer, with help from Downham Estate, the school installed planters in the playground and the children have enjoyed growing a wide range of vegetables and fruit.