OFFICERS patrolling the streets of Blackburn has fined a member of the public for not wearing a mask while inside a shop.

Teams were out in the town centre and The Mall on Saturday afternoon, ensuring all customers were wearing face coverings as required.

However, one person decided not to comply and was issued a £100 fixed penalty notice.

A spokesman said: “Whilst it is reassuring to see the vast majority of people wearing a face coverings, unfortunately one member of the public refused to wear one when requested and refused to comply with requests to leave the area. This person has now been issued with a £100 fixed penalty ticket.

“Whatever your opinion on the legislation and whatever seeming quirks or anomalies it appears to throw up, the rules are there for good reason; to protect us all from the coronavirus that has taken many of our friends and family and is still very prevalent in our local community.

“The advice is simple; follow the rules and help us bring an end to these restrictions, that none of us like, as soon as possible.”