If someone is trying to get across the channel in a boat, the last thing we should be worried about is our precious benefits. Maybe the safety of the people in the boat should be the focus.

It seems we have learnt nothing of the human spirit and acts of kindness over the past few months. Anything to do with immigration and migration is ramped up to make it seem we are being invaded by hoards of people whose sole purpose is to take over this blessed land of ours. This, as we know, is nonsense.

First of all, the numbers coming here really are miniscule. Secondly, it is unlikely to stretch our resources to breaking point regardless of what you might read. And thirdly, the UK has the lowest levels of asylum applications in Europe.

It is, however, a great way to make angry people angrier.

Why would anyone be foaming at the mouth when seeing people risking their lives to get to the UK? Our priority should be either to stop them getting on the boat, save them from drowning or stop arming the despot rulers who have obliterated their homes. The problem with the latter is that it requires us to do some genuine soul searching and admit we sell our stuff to make money not to make peace.

And then we are in this strange place where poor folk crossing a channel becomes some sort of obsession.

We now have TV cameras sailing alongside dingy boats trying to get the odd soundbite for the evening news. I mean, which newsroom editor decided this was honestly a good idea? We dispatch the Home Secretary to the coast for a suitable photo opportunity so she can reassure the British public that our shores are safe. Because this portrays strong leadership, the very same leadership that tends to go missing at other moments when we need them most.

To make things worse we have front pages dedicated to making out that migration is the sole and overriding concern of a population at the brink of a major recession. I’m sorry to say we have more pressing concerns at the moment.

What you will find is that most people who are concerned about migration take into account that this is a desperate journey and one which we as a privileged number never had to make.

I will end with what has to be the Tweet of the Week from Former Everton keeper Neville Southall who said, "It’s funny I used to coach some asylum seeking lads in Dover. Never once did I hear them talk about benefits, taking people's houses or jobs Just really looking forward to starting a new life. Lovely polite lads. And Johnson thinks they're the enemy.” I deleted the last word but it began with a ‘T’.