Mo Congress has paid a touching tribute to his brother who died in a crash 15 years ago today.

Friends Irfan Ahmed Musa, 24, and Suhel Congress, 20 tragically died in 2005 after their vehicle lost control as they travelled towards Blackburn on the A59 at Samlesbury. Thousands from across the county attended the funeral of the pair at Pleasington Cemetery days later.

In a tribute today Mo said, “13th August - a day that gives me chills, a day I usually spend feeling emotional and upset, like a piece of me is missing.

“To be honest, the whole of August feels that way as it was also his birthday month and another day in the month marks his burial date. Those who knew Suhel and his friend, probably can’t believe it has been 15 years today since they died.

“They were spending their last few hours, little did they know they would return to our creator later that day. I was play fighting with him before he left the house, me and my mum went to the window which wasn’t the norm, just to wave them off.

“It breaks me thinking about it, there was so much I wanted to tell and show him but I pray he is happy with me and we meet again in Jannatul (heaven) Firdaus, ameen. Love you forever and always my big bro, the best brother I only got to spend 14 years with, it has now been longer without you then I got to spend with you and in your grave, you’ve almost outlived your life in the dunya, you were only a few days short of 21.

“I pray Allah took you early for a blessed reason and I pray both your graves are a garden of paradise, may he forgive your shortcomings, ameen. I also want to say a huge Jazaka’Allah to each one of his friends who have been a great support to me & my family till this day. #GoneButNeverForgotten#Suhel”

Both Irfan and Suhel played amateur football in Blackburn and helped to inspire their neighbourhood through sporting activities. Irfan was a leading team member of 7-a-side team, AC Milham which went on to win the first division league title for the first time only weeks after his death.