THE father of a 22-year-old who died in a high speed crash in 2007 has backed a petition calling for traffic calming measures in part of Blackburn.

Terry Hannon, whose son Matthew had been racing a friend at 60mph before the fatal accident was instrumental in the Lancashire Telegraph's Wasted Lives' road safety campaign.

Now he has weighed in behind Feniscowles and Cherry Tree Residents’ Associations call for a road safety review and speed reduction measures on Livesey

Branch Road, Preston Old Road, Bolton Road close to Ewood, Pleckgate Road, and Tower Road leading to Pleasington Cemetery.

The petition follows a series of accidents in the area.

Mr Hannon said: "Residents are sick and fed up of speeding traffic so I've got involved.

"I did the Wasted Lives and Missing Matthew campaigns. They had real impact but I'm afraid there's a new generation coming through and it won't be too long until, sadly, there's another Matthew type accident."