ELDERLY people living on a sheltered housing estate are in fear that branches from overgrown trees nearby could damage their homes.

Residents of the White Ash Estate in Oswaldtwistle have already seen on blown off by recent high winds and damage a property.

Now, afraid that other bungalows on the Onward Homes development could be damaged, they have asked to the town's county councillor Peter Britcliffe to intervene.

He and his daughter Sara, MP for Hyndburn and local St Andrew's ward councillor, have visited the estate and share residents concerns.

They have contacted Onward Homes, Lancashire County Council and Hydnburn Borough Council on the issue.

County Cllr Briticliffe said:"White Ash Estate is surrounded by overgrown trees.

"Recently in the strong winds branches have blown off and damaged a property.

"The residents are concerned that further damage maybe done an asked me to look into this issue,

"They are elderly people living in bungalows on a sheltered housing estate.

"In fact they are quite fearful as some of the trees are quite huge.

"The problem is that the trees are partly on land owned by Hyndburn Council, partly on Lancashire County Council land and partly on Onward Homes land.

"I have contacted all three and asked if they can coordinate efforts to sort this serious problem. The trees definitely need pruning and crowning."

Cllr Paul Cox, Hyndburn Council's parks boss, said: “We’ve been informed about the concerns relating to trees adjacent to properties on the White Ash Estate.

"The councils tree officer has been to have a look at the trees on Hyndburn Council land and has arranged for some to be trimmed back and one removed.”

An Onward Homes spokeswoman said: "We were troubled to hear that trees had caused damage on the White Ash Estate following recent strong winds.

"No issues were identified in the most recent surveys of our tree stock in the area. If a tree is damaged residents can report the issue directly to us. All tree branch failures that are inspected and any necessary remedial works are carried out."

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: "Most of the trees surrounding the White Ash Estate are on open land not owned by Lancashire County Council however we would ask people to contact us or Hyndburn Council if they have any concerns so that we can work together to take any action which may be needed."