A petition for traffic calming measures has been set up by a group of residents, after a car ploughed into the front of a young family’s home narrowly missing their two-year-old son.

Members of the Feniscowles and Cherry Tree residents' association are calling on Blackburn with Darwen Council and MP Kate Hollern to review road safety in their area after the incident, which happened on July 23, became the latest in a long list of accidents which have involved speeding vehicles and dangerous drivers.

A spokesperson for Feniscowles and Cherry Tree Residents’ Association said: “Recently we have seen a number of serious crashes in the area, and this is despite many residents highlighting their concerns to both the police and the local council.

“This petition requests a review in all areas of the borough, but there are particular roads that need to be reviewed urgently, mainly due to cars racing between them.”

Areas highlighted by residents include Livesey Branch Road, Preston Old Road, Bolton Road close to Ewood, Pleckgate Road, and Tower Road leading to Pleasington Cemetery.

Residents say they expect more problem roads will be highlighted as a result of their campaign and are inviting others to speak out about areas of concern.

One resident said: “I have had several cars crash outside my house on Preston Old Road. One this week involved three vehicles and a few years ago there was a fatality.

“It’s frightening turning out of our side road every day.”

While others commented about excessive speeding, saying they notice it day and night, and have even seen motorists driving on the wrong side of the road because traffic in front of them is too slow.

The spokesperson continued: “It’s been highlighted that we don’t just want speed humps everywhere, we want the correct traffic calming measures that are suitable for the problem roads.

“We would like the identified areas to be reviewed and the best traffic calming measure identified for that area.

“Studies have shown that traffic calming can reduce accident levels by up to 40 percent and have a significant impact on reducing the severity of accidents “We do not want to see lives ruined by careless drivers, this includes both the drivers and other parties involved such as other road users or pedestrians.

“Many people in the borough will have been affected by road traffic accidents, and we ask other to support this campaign to keep our roads safe now and in the future.”

Deputy chairman of the Feniscowles and Cherry Tree residents association, Rick Moore said: "We started the petition because of the number of residents complaints about speeding drivers, also the number of road traffic accidents we have had lately.

"It's a serious issue that needs dealing with.

"The worst of the problem seems to be Friday and Saturday nights when we see cars racing and speeding excessively (60mph plus estimated).

"It's only a matter of time before an innocent person gets injured and our residents would very much like our streets kept safe.

"In places speed tables have been installed, but all that happens is that the racers slow down for them and speed off again, not to mention the added noise from HGV's passing over them.

"Personally I think average speed cameras on the major problem roads in the area like Livesey Branch Road and Preston Old Road are needed.

"Our ward councillors, Paul Marrow and Derek Hardman have been very supportive and share our concerns.

"We also note that this problem isn't limited to our area and that's why we have asked for a review borough wide."

After writing to Kate Hollern about their concerns, at the beginning of August residents received a letter of response, which read: “The police intend to look at this more closely in the coming weeks and will provide a fuller report upon doing so.

“However, the police have attended the area recently and have found vehicles exceeding speed limits and I understand further visits will be taking place.”