A LONG distance lorry driver "reacted badly" when he returned home from work and his partner made allegations about Instagram postings.

Blackburn magistrates heard Mark Bekier followed his partner upstairs and pushed her to the floor.

She managed to lock herself in the bathroom but he barged the door down, smashed her phone and threw a piece of it, hitting her on the head.

Bekier, 46, of Douglas Road, Bacup, pleaded guilty to assault. He was fined £520 with £85 costs and £52 victim surcharge.

Ruby Mckeague, prosecuting, said the couple began to argue over the Instagram posts. He followed her upstairs and the assault was committed.

"He left the property when he realised she had called the police," said Miss Mckeague.

Ian Huggan, defending, said the victim had not made a statement to the police and did not want a restraining order.

"I am aware that she wants the relationship to continue," said Mr Huggan.

"To his credit my client made full and frank admissions when he was interviewed and without that there would have been no case against him."

Mr Huggan said when his client returned from work certain allegations were made against him.

"He reacted badly and accepts that reaction was not appropriate," said Mr Huggan.