A YORKSHIRE terrier was savaged to death in a quiet family park after being ripped out of her owner’s arms by an out-of-control dog.

Sandra Skarlak was left covered in blood after a pitbull-type terrier knocked her to the ground before clasping its jaws around her small Yorkshire terrier, Viki.

What happened next resulted in the small dog ‘spilling her entrails’ after a nasty and prolonged attack at the mercy of the larger dog, which took place in an enclosed green space off Hawthorn Road in Bacup.

Preston Crown Court heard how Dylan Curzon later gave a false statement claiming his dog’s lead had broken, when in reality he had let the dog off despite being aware of Miss Skarlak and Viki in the area.

Officers are yet to find the dog, though an order has been made for its destruction once it is found.

Prosecutor Paul Brookwell said: “Miss Skarlak had been in the park for around two minutes and Viki was off the lead. The defendant came into the same area and so Miss Skarlak picked up her dog.

“The defendant let his dog off the lead and threw it on the bench before picking up his mobile phone. After around 20 seconds, his dog jumped up at Miss Skarlak in an action she described as pouncing.

“The dog, named Charlie, was trying to get at Viki. Miss Skarlak asked the defendant to help her, and he did say ‘Charlie, No,’ but he did not move to help her.

“The defendant’s dog pounced on her with force knocking her to the ground. Charlie snatched her dog from her arms and was biting and shaking the Yorkshire terrier.

“She tried to get Viki out of the jaws of the dog and was bitten on her finger, wrist and hand. She tried to fight back against the dog.

“But at some point she came to realise that in fact her dog was dead, it had been killed.”

Mr Brockwell went on to say that the defendant offered no assistance to the distressed dog owner even when the larger dog continued to maul the terrier once it had already died.

After around five minutes the defendant left the area with his dog, leaving Miss Skarlak covered in blood.

In a statement to police, the victim, who had to go to hospital for treatment and vaccinations after the attack, said how her 10-year-old dog had been a member of her family.

Curzon, 22, was later arrested and answered no comment at police interview, later pleading guilty at a lower court to one charge of being in charge of a dog while it was out of control and a second charge of criminal damage.

Defending Curzon, of Red Hind Close, Newchurch, Bob Elias said his client had become ‘frozen’ while watching what was going on, stating he was shocked and distressed by what had occurred.

Sentencing, Judge Graham Knowles QC said: “You let your dog off the lead and within seconds your dog pounced on Sandra Skarlak, jumping at her dog.

"She asked for your help and you gave none. You could have grabbed it by its collar and tried to pull it away, but you stood idly by.

“Whilst you did nothing the dog knocked Miss Skarlak to the ground and took Viki from her arms. It went on to savage her, kill her – ultimately spilling her entrails.

“She describes the death of her dog as a tragedy and has suffered flashbacks. She feared that her own mental health would be badly affected by this.

“On that very day she had carry the mangled body of her 10-year-old beloved family pet back to her family.

“You were interviewed and made no comment. To this day you have not told the police where the dog may be found.”

Judge Knowles continued: “I accept that you do care about the people who have been affected and the dog.

“Your pre-sentence report states that you use cannabis daily and the author also states that you might have a learning disability. You are immature for your age in the probation officer’s view."

Curzon was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, must complete 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £150 in compensation to Miss Skarlak. He was banned from keeping dogs for four years.