THE wife of a notorious criminal scrapyard boss has had an application to have her driving licence reinstated temporarily rejected.

Mary Smith appealed to have her driving licence disqualification overturned after it was taken away from her last December.

Mrs Smith, wife of Great Harwood crime boss Tommy, did not appear in court for the short hearing.

Taking into consideration a pending appeal hearing which will once again review whether or not Mrs Smith should have her licence returned, Judge Sara Dodd explained she wasn’t satisfied it would be appropriate to return her right to drive at present.

At Preston Crown Court, Judge Dodd said: “This case is listed before me for the return of a driving licence pending an appeal for eight convictions – two of which date back to last December.

“I have considered the whole of this case, the number of cases which are to be appealed and the personal circumstances of Mrs Smith.

“She runs a business that has been described to me – one that unlike many, is thriving in the teeth of the pandemic and it would be helpful to her to have her licence in order to assist in that business.

“I am not satisfied that it is appropriate at this stage to return her licence. We are six weeks away from a full hearing. I am not satisfied that it would be appropriate to return her licence.”

An appeal against Mrs Smith’s convictions will take place in September.