A TAKEAWAY that received a low hygiene score has been challenged by locals after distributing leaflets claiming a five-star hygiene rating.

Freddy’s Chicken and Pizza on Blackburn Road, Accrington, was given a one-star rating for hygiene from the Food Standards Agency in February.

This means bosses of the takeaway were required to make major improvements in all three categories (hygienic food handling, cleanliness and condition of facilities and building, and management of food safety) to comply with government standards for food safety and hygiene.

However the Lancashire Telegraph was contacted by people who had received menus from the takeaway through their letterbox advertising a five-star food hygiene rating.

One reader said: “With regards to Freddy’s takeaway in Blackburn Road, Accrington, which has a food hygiene rating of just one. I would like to make you aware that they’ve been posting their menus through people’s letter boxes in Hyndburn with a food hygiene rating of five on the leaflets.

“I live on Bold Street in Accrington and received the menu at the beginning of July.

“Surely they cannot claim to have a food hygiene rating of five when they have only been awarded a food hygiene rating of one by the local authority in February. This amounts to abuse of the food hygiene ratings given by the local authority.”

Another Accrington resident said: “We got a Freddy’s menu through the door the other week clearly stating that their hygiene rating is five and then when I went to check on Just Eat, it’s actually a one.

“It’s disgusting. I wonder how many other places do that?”

A spokesperson for Hyndburn Council said: “We’ve been made aware of this issue and officers will be speaking to the business owner and passing this information on to Lancashire County Council Trading Standards colleagues.”

A spokesman for Freddy’s said the leaflets and menus must have been distributed in error.

Manager Suhail Khan said: “We have been notified by someone about this and I think they could be previous leaflets from before we were given a one-star rating as our leaflets don’t even have a rating on them.

“We have always had a five-star rating before February but due to some work we were doing our rating went down.

“And then because of Covid we were closed for a while and the distributor must have had the wrong leaflets. That’s all I can think that’s happened.

“We want our five-star rating back and are working hard to get that and waiting on the council to inspect us again.”