The teenager accused of murdering a mum-of-two and burying her body in a shallow grave in Accrington cemetery was interviewed 11 times over the course of three days, a jury has heard.

During proceedings on day four of the Lindsay Birbeck murder retrial, jurors trying the case at Preston Crown Court heard how the defendant, who was 16 at the time of his arrest, was questioned by police 11 times between August 29 and August 31 2019.

Prosecuting barrister David McLachlan QC told the jury the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was interviewed five times on August 29, three times on August 30 and three times on August 31.

In his initial interviews, he answered 'no comment' to every question.

Before concluding proceedings on Thursday, Mr McLachlan read to the jury the prepared statement written by the defendant's solicitor and signed by the defendant, which was produced during the eighth interview on August 30 2019.

The statement read: "I did not murder Lindsay Birbeck. I was not involved in her death. I was not present at the time or place of her death.

"I did move a body from an area off Burnley Road Accrington in a wheelie bin.

"At first I hid the body but later moved it again in a wheelie bin, taking it to the cemetery on Burnley Road where I buried it on my own.

"A man came up to me when I was walking alone in that area off Burnley Road and he asked me to “get rid of a body” for him.

"He said that he would pay me a lot of money when everything was clear.

"He showed me where the body was and he went away straightaway leaving me to “get rid of the body”.

"I have not met this man before. I have not met him since nor have I had any contact with him.

"He has not paid me any money. He told me that he would leave the money for me near where the body had been at first once everything was clear.

"I cannot describe the man other than to say he was white, male, spoke English.

"I could not see his face well as he was covering it with his hood. I am not sure of his height, build or age.

"Other than as above I do not wish to say anything further."

Mrs Birbeck, a mother-of-two from Huncoat, went missing on August 12 last year.

Her body was found in Accrington Cemetery on August 24, 12 days after she disappeared.

Police launched a missing person appeal and extensive searches of the areas close to Burnley Road, where Mrs Birbeck lived, were carried out by officers and members of the local community.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested in connection with Mrs Birbeck’s disappearance and on August 31, detectives charged the teenager with her murder.

The boy is now 17-years-old and denies killing Mrs Birbeck, but has pleaded guilty to a new charge of assisting an unknown man in the moving and disposal of a body.

The trial continues.