ELEVEN calls were made to police dispatchers over the weekend after a large group of youths held a party in some woods close to several family homes.

Empty drink bottles, plastic rubbish and general mess was left behind by the group, who met in the wooded area close to Cotton Tree Lane in Colne.

The meet-up came after a warning from police urging parents and taxis drivers not to take teenagers to the area amidst concern of drug use and anti-social behaviour.

PC Matt Lunney said: “This is not a good sight for anyone. I believe we all as a community understand that people will party and that we are a social group but to leave this mess behind is clearly a sad state of affairs, not even to mention the breach of Covid-19 rules.

“Eleven calls were received from local residents on Friday reporting issues regarding the area. On a more positive note no calls were taken on Saturday or Sunday in relation to the woods.

“Please keep your children away from this location and let’s keep this local beauty spot as nature intended. I have received an email this morning from Pendle Borough Council - Environmental Services informing that they have cleared this area up. We the Police and partners will be keeping a close eye on the wooded area and any person found will be dealt with appropriately. As a community lets work together and keep our area free of rubbish and antisocial behaviour.”