A MAN subject to a restraining order got the numbers wrong when he turned up at his former partner's home a year early.

Blackburn magistrates heard Wayne Braysford was made subject to a two year restraining order in July 2019.

His claim that he thought it was a one-year order was backed up by his estranged partner who said she only let him in because she thought the order had ended.

Braysford, 35, of Avenue Parade, Accrington, pleaded guilty to breach of a restraining order. He was fined £80 and ordered to pay £85 costs and £34 victim surcharge.

Tracy Yates, rosecuting, said police received an anonymous tip-off that there was a disturbance at a house on Walmsley Court, Church.

Police attended and found Braysford inside the house which belonged to his former partner. The restraining order prohibited him from having contact with her or attending at her address.

"He said he believed the restraining order was for 12 months and had expired and she said she let him into her house believing the retraining order was no longer active," said Mrs Yates.

Gareth Price, defending, said it appeared to be a genuine mistake not just by his client but by the aggrieved as well.

"They both thought it was for 12 months and not two years," said Mr Price.

"I would submit this is at the lower end of breached that this court deals with."