THE Award-winning Perseverance Mill development project in Padiham has moved into its second phase, which will see Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction build 10 new apartments in the area.

Developers say that the homes will be both high quality and affordable, with work currently being carried out on buildings between Albion Street, Wytham Street and Brook Street and will also include partial demolition works and refurbishment to enable the team to create ten one bedroom self-contained apartments and to reinstate a two bedroom house that was part of the existing building.

The project is due to be completed in 2021.

Ring Stones managing director James Macaree said: “It’s great to see this next phase begin as we continue to invest and make improvements in the area.

“We’ve had wonderful feedback from residents who are keen to see this land utilised and we are looking forward to providing more high-quality, affordable housing within the local community.”

The company first began the new development in 2018, working to replace a site that had previously been derided by locals as an “eye sore” with the new housing.

The company say they plan to include some of the original external features of the mill on the new building to acknowledge the heritage of the site.

Plans also include on-site parking and incidental landscaping for the apartments.

Speaking when work first began, Ring Stones' then project manager James Flitcroft said: “Local residents told Calico Homes that they welcome the new development at a consultation event, which they believe will be a vast improvement to the eyesore that is currently on the site.

“Delivering high quality, affordable homes for local people, and the jobs that come with this, will always be a priority for Ring Stones, and Perseverance Mill will deliver on both fronts.”

The development also created six apprenticeships and local construction jobs.