BLACKBURN looks set for a week a varied weather according to Met Office reports, with likely rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, before temperature starts to climb again culminating in a warm summer day of 24C on Friday.

This comes as forecasters predict that temperatures could reach heights of 34C to 36C in the South East of England by Friday and Saturday.

Today in East Lancashire, temperatures are set to remain consistent at between 15C-16C before falling again as night falls.

From this point on temperatures will steadily climb from around 17C on Tuesday, to 21 on Wednesday, with the heat midweek tempered by a 90% chance of rain on Wednesday morning and a 40% chance later in the evening.

The temperature will then climb higher to 22C on Thursday, which is set to be cloudy for most of the day and 24C on Friday which is predicted to be sunny.

From that point heat will decline again over the weekend to 22C on Saturday and 21C on Sunday, which looks set to be a bright sunny day.