THIRTY years after Dream Frequency’s dance hit Feel So Real, featuring American songstress Debbie Sharp, a brand-new album produced by the band’s founder includes a 21st century remix of the classic tune.

East Lancashire producer Ian Bland penned one of the most memorable dance tunes ever during his tea break when he worked at British Aerospace - and weeks later Dream Frequency appeared on Top of the Pops.

Ian, who is based in Read, said: “At the end of last year, I was busy working on a new House music project and having a bit of a moan about making records for somebody else.

“Then a pal said, ‘Blandy, why not make some new Dream Frequency tracks?

“It just hit me in the face, and then it dawned that this year would be the 30th anniversary of Dream Frequency’s first LP.

“When I formed Dream Frequency my life changed forever.

“One day I remember listening to Sylvester’s You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), and bingo I’d got the chorus for Feel So Real.’

“Dream Frequency is in my DNA and I’ve written this album for all the ravers.”

The man behind Dream Frequency has used his vast studio knowledge worldwide.

And when pop queen Madonna heard Feel So Real, she instructed one of her talent scouts to run the rule over the Lancashire hit-makers.

“It had been so long since I’d done a Dream Frequency track, and starting a new album was very daunting.

“It did feel strange going back to those early tracks, Feel So Real and Good Times.

“But it was fascinating to de-construct Feel So Real, from recording it in an analogue era and then to use today’s technology to fly it into this century.

“There’s stuff (on the album) for the now, a couple of drum and bass tracks, and one dare I say it that wouldn’t sound out of place on Radio One."

He added: “I’m desperate to release Dream Frequency: 30 on vinyl and CD because I think it is still important that people can have and hold the product it in their hands.

“But I’ll only be able to do that if we reach the funding target by August 18.”

See (Dream Frequency).

Dream Frequency launched a live stream of their new album on Saturday via their Facebook page.