POLICE were called out after a man raised concerns about the mental wellbeing of his friend.

Blackburn magistrates heard when officers arrived at the address in Russia Street, Accrington, Simon Matthew Gaynor was bouncing around the living room.

He was clearly drunk and became aggressive towards the officers.

Gaynor, 37, of Worsley Court, Oswaldtwistle, admitted a breach of the peace. He was bound over in £50 to keep the peace for six months.

Ruby Mckeague, prosecuting, said police attended the address shortly before 11am on Tuesday.

The householder, Adam Barnes, had called the ambulance because of his concerns.

Gaynor made threats towards the officers and admitted he had been drinking vodka and lager. When they said they were arresting him to prevent a breach of the peace he said he would knock them out.

Gaynor said he apologised for his behaviour.