Taxis and parents have been spotted dropping their children off at a wooded area so they can party and partake in illicit drug use.

Police in Colne have received a number of complaints from residents living in Cotton Tree Lane in the town in regards to young people gathering in the wooded area.

The complaints centre around the consumption of alcohol, the playing of loud music, and evidence of illegal drug use.

Officers have issued a warning to parents that the behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, and that anyone caught in the area would be dealt with for criminal offences.

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A spokesperson for the Colne neighbourhood policing team said: "Complaints have been received from residents in Cotton Tree Lane.

"Young people have been gathering in the wooded area drinking alcohol, playing loud music and there is also evidence of illegal use of drugs.

"In some cases taxis and parents have been seen dropping children off.

"Clearly this is not acceptable or going to be tolerated thus any person found in this area will be dealt with, be it for criminal offences or breach of Covid-19 rules."

This is the third time that police in Colne have been called out to deal with unruly youths.

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In May, officers said they were stepping up patrols to try and combat cannabis smoking youths during lockdown, after receiving several complaints from residents about gangs of teenagers congregating at the rear of Priestfield Avenue smoking cannabis, causing a ruckus and dropping their rubbish.

And on June 12, police in the area issued a stark warning to cannabis smoking youths after they damaged a fence allowing sheep and lambs to escape onto the road.

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While only five days ago, police reprimanded a group of teenagers after they were caught throwing objects at cars from behind some bushes.

The spokesperson added: "Parents - please be aware of where your children are and what they're doing."