LAST night, the Government announced a ban on people visiting other people's homes in East Lancashire in a bid to cut down on coronavirus infection rates.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the decision which would start at midnight.

So we asked our readers on social media about their feelings over the 'new lockdown' measures that have been introduced.

Christine Hanna said: "Why didn't they do it sooner, so unfair for those celebrating Eid. It's like doing it on Christmas Eve for us. All preparations wasted."

Patricia McGlynn said: "What happens when Xmas is cancelled because ALL of us aren't trying to be careful ?????"

Sarah Kate Egan said: "I think it has been very cruel to the Muslim community who will have been preparing for Eid over the last few days. When most of the decisions to do with Covid have been made with weeks of notice before they come into play, this seems very cruel. I agree fast decisions and implications need to be made, but this was obviously being considered before last night and if it needed to happen should have been implemented sooner to give communities time to make changes and adapt to the changes."

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Sarah White said: "(It is an) Absolute shambles. I can go to a park etc and mix with up to six different households but I can't sit in my parents garden with them?

Janine Foster said:"The timing of the announcement is totally out of order. Could have been announced at the beginning of the week as it was obviously planned."

Craig Allison said: "Remember, it’s not safe to celebrate Eid but they want us all back to work now and school in 4.5 weeks! No wonder there’s no respect for the “rules” anymore. There’s not a scientist on the planet making all these caveats and distinctions.
Does anyone know anyone who’s been taken ill in these last couple of weeks?"

Tania Maloney said: "We should either be put fully back into lockdown or not. These measures are ridiculous and difficult for people to follow."

Christine Crawshaw said: "Ridiculous cant see my family but can serve 100s of people over weekend with meals and drinks at work."

Meanwhile some people are in favour of the measures rather than the prospect of another lockdown.

Gemma Taylor said: "(It) makes you laugh, all these people moaning & complaining are probably the same people that moaned that the government were too slow to react the first time around. Just deal with it, none of us want a full lockdown again, the devastation that would have on the economy would be awful.

Janette McCarty said: "Yes but not the last minute anouncment - again! Where is the plan? Scrap Brexit and attend to what really matters - the health and survival of the population."

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Frances Broughton - Smith added: "(I) Agree with them, people from certain areas have not abided by the rules from day 1 & still don't now. If you live in this country then you accept to have to follow the rules set down by this country, whether you like it or not. Don't like it then leave. Easier said than done maybe. But it's like having half the population as children that don't accept the situation & rebelling. If the country managed to get through the 2 WW in 6 years, it's not asking much to get through this in hopefully a year."