Try out these places in Blackburn for the first time. Or if you are a regular then try one of the others on the list.

Lancashire Telegraph:

ChaiiWala Tearoom

Whalley Range

If you are looking for authentic Asian style tea then you should head here. Parking can be a bit of pain at times but when this place opened I wasn’t convinced – it is tea after all. But there is tea and then there is ChaiiWala tea. Worth a visit on a Sunday afternoon. Does take outs. (Open throughout the weekend)

Lancashire Telegraph:

Witton Inn


They don’t make them as quaint as this anymore. This lovely pub has a new beer garden in the back which can accommodate up to 20 people (with social distancing and standing). Open from 12 to 11 on the weekend the pub is hoping to serve food during weekday lunch time soon. If they ever make a movie about Blackburn this place should be in it. 

Lancashire Telegraph:

Roberto’s Bar & Grill

Corner of Richmond Terrace

The newly opened bar and grill now has ample space outside and inside. As well drinks and food (Italian, Spanish and Tapas) the bar offers Shisha (outside only). It has only been open for three weeks since coming out of lockdown and the manager told us they were surprisingly busy up until last weekend. A great location in the town centre and with the sun out a must this weekend.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Charcoal Cuisine

Johnston Street

There are some pretty good take outs in Blackburn but few match the Charcoal Cuisine. The Kobeda and chicken mix is a popular choice but will set you back a cool £7 (and some change).  But it is well worth the wait. Don’t mix the sauces with the kebab and ask for them to be packed separately as it spoils the meal before you get it home. Comes with a 5-star hygiene rating. (Closed on Eid day – Friday July 31 but open Saturday and Sunday)

Lancashire Telegraph:

Lahore Qila

Whalley New Road

Much like the TARDIS it is a lot…well…slightly bigger on the inside. The Lahore Qila has already built up a reputation for delivering some mouth-watering dishes. A decent range of curries and stir fries on offer here at reasonable prices. Check out their Tawa dishes which are a bit of everything (which will feed 4-6). If you want to be really brave then the leg of lamb might be an option.