A scuffle on King Street in Blackburn led to a barber’s window being smashed.

Owner Muner Edan described a street fight between some men, which had nothing to do with his barbers, led to over £1,000 of damage being done to his shop window.

Muner has run New Look Barbers opposite Farm Foods in the town centre for eight years.

He said, “They were arguing and fighting for quite a while and what you see in the video is only the last few moments.

“I am glad he was not injured and it may have been a lot worse. I only recently put new signs up and will now have to replace the whole front window. It is an extra cost and burden I could do without.”

The two men can be seen arguing in the video and eventually, despite cries for the fight to stop, one man stumbles back into the front window of New Look Barbers smashing the glass. The incident happened on Monday July 27.

Muner said: “It is unfortunate what happened but I have only been open since July 4 and businesses like mine have struggled with a lower number of customers. This is just more pain I could do without.

“I think more should be done to ensure people and businesses are not affected by anti-social behaviour in the area. It is not fair on hard working businesses like ours.

"In this case I was surprised to see people back sat opposite together the next morning."

Police said a man was arrested at the scene.