A SISTER has paid a heartbreaking tribute to her brother who took his own life after struggling with anxiety and depression.

Gym enthusiast Adam Slater, 37, was found hanged at his home in Clitheroe on June 20, an inquest this week heard.

Coroner James Newman said the father-of-one had been prescribed different anti-depressant medications after visiting his GP in March.

In a moving tribute to her brother, Mr Slater’s sister, Laura-Jane Clark said: “Adam was 20 stone of pure muscle but behind that was a very lost and broken little boy who had no idea how to express his emotions.

“He had lots of people who loved and cared for him but sadly he couldn’t see that.

“With suicide, people always go on about talking, but to me it’s about being kind and thinking before you speak.”

Laura said Adam would regularly visit the gym and exercise to regulate his mood but the coronavirus lockdown from late March meant he couldn’t go.

She said: “Adam was obsessed with the gym and during lockdown he had no outlet to channel his emotions.

“No-one is to blame for Adam’s death.

“He just couldn’t let go of the demons and unfortunately that’s where mental health wants you - to back you into a corner.

“If there’s one thing I could say to others, it is ‘you are not your thoughts’.

“You have the ability to speak to someone you trust.

“And if love could’ve saved him, he would still be here today.”

Mr Newman said: “In a statement from Alan Slater, Adam’s dad, he said Adam was a very happy, hard-working and genuine man, and they had a close relationship.

“He said his son had a great social circle and was hardly at home.

“Mr Slater went on to say that Adam had a few issues with an ex-partner and with the breakdown of a recent relationship and had been to see his GP in March.”

The inquest heard that Mr Slater was then prescribed with anti-depressants.

However, when this did not appear to be effective, in May, his GP suggested he try taking an alternative anti-depressant.

Mr Slater’s medication was then switched back to a higher dose of the original one on June 1, when he complained about experiencing side effects while taking the second anti-depressant.

Mr Newman said: “On the night before he was found, Adam’s friend, Dominic Wells had visited Adam’s house on Cringle Way, as he’d received a concerning message from him. They’d chatted for a while and Adam’s mood seemed to lift, and Dom left at 9pm. Shortly after Adam spoke with his father. In the morning, Alan Slater went round to his son’s house as he was concerned about him, and that’s when he found Adam had taken his own life.

“Adam had left several notes for his family and friends, all of which indicated his desperation and the desire to end his life. Therefore I return a conclusion of suicide.”