Holidaymakers in East Lancashire have reacted with scepticism over the new quarantine rules for passengers coming back from Spain.

The advice to self-isolate for two weeks was implemented just hours after an announcement last Saturday evening, giving Brits abroad just hours to react and for tour operators to cancel flights.

Despite criticism from experts and travel bodies, the Government has stood by its decision to strike the country off the UK’s list of safe destinations after it saw a spike in the number of coronavirus cases.

Many, however, are sceptical of the new rules and believe large numbers of people will refuse to follow them.

Tony Parkinson, a Lancashire Telegraph reader, said he “can’t see people complying” with the recommendations and referred to incidents where government ministers and senior officials had broken their own rules throughout the pandemic.

One reader, Jeff Hayworth, compared the new rules to “house arrest”.

The government and police forces have confirmed the rules will not be enforced and people asked to self-isolate for a fortnight will not be checked on.

Another reader, Lynnmarie Bass, said people sticking to quarantine rules is “not going to happen”.

She added: “They don’t follow up and who really can afford to jeopardise their employment?”

Concerns have been raised about the rights of employees who have returned from Spain since Sunday and are being asked to return to work.