Special Constables in East Lancashire have helped seize motorbikes and issue warnings in a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

A team of nine officers based at the Greenbank and Burnley police stations spent yesterday afternoon in Hyndburn supporting neighbourhood teams to address problems with the anti-social use of the vehicles in the area.

Special Inspector, Allen Evans, said: "We are determined to assist our Neighbourhood Policing Team colleagues with this and will be spending time doing so in the future.

"Yesterday, we dealt with a number of offences with vehicles including a quad, whose rider thought it was ok to put a six-year-old child on the front of the machine.

"Also seized was an off road motorcycle being used in a park in Willows Lane area."

The issue of anti-social bikers on the moors and on long roads in urban areas has long been a problem in the county, but officers are determined to keep the issue under control.