Private healthcare insurers have been making millions in profit from Lancashire patients after appointments were put on hold during the Covid-19 lockdown, new data has revealed.

There have been £2.28 million in health insurance payouts between lockdown on 23 March and 1 June compared to £8.12 million the same period last year – a drop of 72 per cent.

It its most recent study, revealed the numbers which shows how private healthcare insurers have been cashing in due to the pandemic. The biggest drop was in hospital payouts – just £381,000 in those 77 days compared to over £2 million the previous year.

It follows an enormous change in habits for people in Lancashire and elsewhere after the number of Covid-19 cases began to peak and the country entered lockdown, including the postponing of many hospital appointments and routine surgeries.

Health bosses in the county have highlighted their concerns about Covid-anxious patients who are putting off coming into hospital.