A WOMAN who was sticking up for her brother kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim was left “terrified” that harm might have been caused to her unborn child by the attack by Taylor Killian.

“She thought her baby may have been killed but fortunately there were no lasting injuries,” said prosecutor Ruby Mckeague.

Killian, 24, of Sunderland Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to assaulting Diana Boyle in October and a separate charge of sending a malicious communication to Charlene Raw in December.

She was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Miss Mckeague said the incident started after Miss Boyle, who was 30 weeks pregnant, and her partner went outside to remonstrate with some children who were causing problems outside their home.

Shortly after Killian confronted her in an angry manner, claiming she had grabbed her 12-year-old brother by the face.

“She told the defendant that she was pregnant and had a baby upstairs in bed and that she didn’t want to fight her,” said Miss Mckeague. “The defendant responded by kicking Miss Boyle in the stomach which left her terrified for the welfare of her baby.”

Miss Mckeague said Killian had denied kicking the other woman in the stomach or knowing that she was pregnant but after a hearing when evidence was called, magistrates ruled that she had kicked her in the stomach and had been made aware of the pregnancy.

The threatening messages had initially been charged as witness intimidation because Miss Raw was waiting to attend Crown Court as a witness against her former partner, who was at that time in a relationship with Killian.

Killian sent Facebook messages threatening to go to the other woman’s house and “take her head off”.

“The aggrieved was living in fear of the defendant,” said Miss McKeague.

“She was scared she was going to turn up at her home and harm her or her family.”

Gareth Price, defending, said his client was of previous good character.

He said her brother had told Killian about the incident outside Miss Boyle’s property and she went round to remonstrate and stand up for her brother.

“She recognises she should not have behaved in the way she did but still maintains the kick was not to the stomach,” said Mr Price.