A CAMPAIGNING councillor has expressed disappointment that Digital UK have refused to upgrade a transmitter leaving thousands of Darwen residents without dozens of Freeview TV channels.

Labour’s Cllr Dave Smith has vowed to keep on pressing until the Blacksnape ‘booster’ is enhanced.

He raised the issue earlier this month asking Digital UK: “Please could you let me know if you have any plans to upgrade the ‘booster’ transmitter at Blacksnape, Darwen?

“I represent Darwen West where many properties can only receive about 15 Freeview TV channels due to being ‘in the shade’ of the Winter Hill transmitter.

“If the Blacksnape booster transmitter can be upgraded then many more Freeview TV channels would be received by residents.”

Kate Macefield, from Digital UK, replied: “Our broadcaster partners have advised us a combination of technical and commercial constraints make it unlikely that extra channels will be available from smaller relays in the foreseeable future.”

Cllr Smith said: “I am disappointed. I shall keep campaigning until these 3,000 plus households get the full set of Freeview channels they deserve.”