A MUM-OF-FIVE is trying to change widely-held attitudes that giving birth by caesarean section ‘isn’t natural.’

Amy Payne uploaded a picture of her son being born via caesarean only to be criticised for sharing the picture.

The 29-year-old uploaded the picture to her Facebook page of son Jackson being born at Burnley General Hospital.

Amy, from Oswaldtwistle, had three of her children by vaginal deliveries and two C-sections and said she wanted to upload the picture to encourage others that a C-section is just as amazing as a vaginal birth.

She said: “It always makes me laugh when people ask you if it was a natural delivery.

“A section is a natural delivery. You’re still giving birth aren’t you?”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Jackson being born by caesarean section

Four years ago Amy had a stillbirth with her daughter Katie. Following the tragedy she went on to have a caesarean with daughter Shay, two, and most recently three-week-old Jackson.

Before the stillbirth Ellie, 11 and Codie, six were delivered vaginally.

Amy said: “As a mum I have dealt with the different types of delivering a baby.

“The stillbirth was the worst, I will never get over it but I have learned to live with it.

“This is why I am so adamant that a section is just as precious as any other delivery.”

Meg Brierley runs her business, A Gentle Journey. She is a doula and hypnobirthing teacher, based in East Lancashire and saw Amy’s picture online.

As a doula, Meg has supported hundreds of women during childbirth and said she will never use the term ‘section’ when taking care of the mums to be.

She said: “Birth is beautiful either way, it’s about empowerment and choice, a caesarean is a no lesser birth than any other even there are medical interventions.

“A section is just a medical term that makes birth sound cold and clinical. It is far from it and I have seen some amazing experiences.

“A woman has grown and developed the baby over the nine months and however that baby makes it into the world is stunning and beautiful.

“The photograph of Jackson being born is one of the most precious things we will ever see.”