Last night Blackburn with Darwen was deemed to be an 'area of intervention' following a marked increase in the Covid-19 infection rate.

New data from Public Health England released on Thursday shows the borough's weekly infection rate increased from 79.2 per 100,000 people to 81.9 last week.

But what does this mean and what are your thoughts on the announcement?

Reaction to the news was mixed, with many readers baffled by the exact sentiment of the term 'area of intervention', while others were quick to point the finger at certain groups within the community.

One user was confused about living and working arrangements if a local lockdown was introduced. They said: "So if you work in one of those areas and you do not live in Blackburn you will not be able to go to work?"

Lancashire Telegraph:

While details on this have not yet been confirmed by the council, Cllr Mohammed Khan said 'localised prevention measures' would be put in place.

The leader of Blackburn with Darwen Council said: “We are very grateful to our communities for working with us. The increase in testing is helping to ensure that we are heading in the right direction with a reduction in positive cases and hospital admissions.

“We need to keep up the momentum with our strong prevention work so we agree its sensible not to relax the easing of restrictions at the moment to stop the spread.

“We have already decided to delay the opening of our council leisure facilities along with introducing other localised prevention measures.

"We feel that accelerating our control measures in this way will assist us to move out of having higher Covid-19 rates even faster- we are grateful for the Government’s help in our local plans on this."

With the news that gyms and leisure centres across the borough will have to postpone their re-opening dates, some readers were worried about people visiting gyms outside of the town.

One said: "So what would stop people visiting gyms outside of Blackburn?"

Lancashire Telegraph:

This was followed by a swift response from another reader explaining the importance of obeying the new measures: "Well if you're from Blackburn keep away you are not needed or wanted is that clear enough for you.

"It's to help everyone including you and your friends, neighbours and family, not to try and find a sneaky way around this as this won't help anyone.

"Only the selfish people in society but could potentially put a elderly person in hospital or a morgue."

While another user stepped in to pose the question: "What benefit is to be gained by keeping leisure facilities closed whilst pubs and restaurants remain open?

"Many if these facilities operate on a one to one basis which is safer than a pub or restaurant. An illogical and bizarre decision by our councillors."

While another was not so subtle about their views, stating: "No doubt I will continue to respect the government guidelines out of respect for other people but that said, apathy has now set in.

"Let's get back to normality as quickly as possible by accepting the reality of the situation - most infected people do not die from this disease.

"We need to work toward developing a herd immunity, and as terrible as it is when people die, that unfortunately is life."

Lancashire Telegraph:

A concerned business owner commented: "I don't think its fair to penalise those businesses that have yet to open as they are clearly not the problem.

"Surely the reversal should be started where there is a problem first."

Meanwhile, one reader, a frontline NHS worker, was transparent about the situation within the muslim community, and commented: "It should be total lockdown in Blackburn, I went to get some medication from Boots earlier a saw several large groups of Asian families queuing to go shopping on Townsmoor.

"My elders in my Muslim family have constantly flouted the rules visiting friends houses, because others in the community have.

"There was a family death in Pakistan and my sister-in-law said 50+ people attempted to visit the family home.

"My husband and myself are frontline public services battling Covid having to contact families to say goodbye via an iPad.

"I'm disappointed in my community's lack of responsibility, the message was loud and clear to everyone stay home, several members of my family received letters telling them to isolate- they blatantly ignored this when I told them personally.

"I'm more angry that the local council is not imposing lockdown, shutting restaurants and non essential shops.

"Stop "bubble" visits, one member of the family do the shopping etc.

"It's ok it's Eid next week- my grandmother has already asked me if my family are coming over.

"Our household has isolated from everyone, leaving the house for work, food shopping and pharmacy only.

"I understand people are fed up but trust me there is nothing worse than having to see how this virus is effecting people."