RESIDENTS left baffled by an odorous stench in their town, which was compared to a ‘bog of eternal stench’, have been reassured by their council that the issue is being looked into.

The Environmental Health department at Ribble Valley Borough Council are investigating the foul smell, which has been lingering in Clitheroe for the last week.

And they’ve asked residents to complete a ‘monitoring sheet’ to record details of when the smell is present, for a period of 14 consecutive days.

In an email addressed to one resident, the council say they think the smell may have come from the sewage treatment works on Henthorn Road .

The email reads: “Further to your complaint of odour nuisance, which may have come from Clitheroe Sewage Treatment Works, I have enclosed a monitoring record sheet for your completion.

“It is important that you provide a full 14 days of consecutive evidence, ensuring that you include details of the odour smell, how strong it is and how offensive it is.

“If there is no nuisance disturbance the date must still be logged and that information provided.

“This allows the Environmental Health officer to consider the situation as a whole and determine any patterns that may be evident.

“We may not be able to take action for a one-off event, but may take further action regarding a persistent odour nuisance.”

The detailed logs are required so the council can determine whether a statutory nuisance exists type and present evidence to court should action be taken.

A spokesperson for the council also stated that United Utilities had been notified that there may be an odour problem coming from the treatment works.

However, when United Utilities were contacted last week, they said: “We are not carrying out any works or experiencing any issues at our treatment works or on our network in the Clitheroe area that could be causing the odour that local residents have been experiencing.”