AN 11-year-old has become the first person in the world to build LEGO 40ft underwater to raise money for the NHS.

Sophie O’Dea from Blackburn plunged into the depths of the Cavernwray Diving Site in Lancaster staying under for almost an hour to build an air tanker.

It was also her last day at Shadsworth Junior School and the passionate diver received a call from her school after her dive congratulating her for her achievement.

Sophie said: “It was good but cold. I thought it was cool that I could do that underwater and was the first person to ever do it.

“The hard bit was getting down because I could not equalise, but the dive was fun, and I would do it again.

“My brother helped me when I dropped a LEGO piece, he quickly grabbed it because otherwise it would have floated to the top.

“I feel good that I did it and so proud of myself.”

Sophie was accompanied underwater by her 18-year-old brother and experienced diver Declan Flynn, stepdad Les Whitfield and diving instructor Kris Fearnley.

So far, Sophie has raised £500 for the NHS.

Her teaching assistant mum, 39-year-old Emma O’Dea said: “It went really well although she was nervous before it, she was shaking but when she got in the water she just wanted to do it.

“The zoom call was lovely from her school and they were all congratulating her.”

The team took a spare cylinder because due to coronavirus they cannot share oxygen as they normally would have done.

Sophie built the structure in 44 minutes and spent 57 minutes underwater in total.

During the lockdown, since Sophie could not access a pool, her mum got a blow up one and the young diver got her full wetsuit on to practise building LEGO underwater.

Mrs O’Dea said: “The neighbours must have thought we were crazy because she was in her full gear underwater.

“She had lots of support from her family and even from strangers, there was a loud cheer when she came back up.”

Sophie wants to work as a police search diver.

To donate, visit the Justgiving website and search for 'Kristian Fearnley'.