Residents who have been complaining about a rise in drug dealing in their town can rest assured that police in the area are doing all they can to combat the illegal activity.

On Thursday evening, officers in Clitheroe conducted a number of targeted patrols based on information gathered from recent intelligence operations.

As a result, a vehicle was stopped in the area and a large quantity of drugs and cash, along with 'dealer paraphernalia' was seized.

A man was arrested and is now awaiting interview.

A spokesperson for the police said: "On Thursday evening, officers in Clitheroe, from team four, conducted some targeted patrols based on recent intelligence.

"As a direct result of this a vehicle was stopped and large quantity of drugs and cash were seized along with some dealer paraphernalia.

"The male was arrested and is awaiting interview ,

"Residents of Clitheroe have been complaining of a recent increase in drug dealing.

"You said - we did."