A BARROWFORD student with brain cancer celebrated 20 months since her surgery to remove a brain tumour by reaching new heights...and complete a sky-dive to raise money for charity

Laura Nuttall, 20, and her sister Gracie, 18, last week took a leap out of the aeroplane after her dad donated a skydive experience to his daughters.

The University of Manchester student was loved the experience as she continues to defy the odds and enjoying life.

She also managed to raise £1320 to the Brain Tumour Charity doing the skydive.

She said: "I was really excited about it as I am not scared of heights.

"It was an experience that I will never forget for a while.

"In the end, the whole thing was indescribable to get pushed out of a plane strapped to someone else.

"The first thing I thought was that this is something a human should not be doing.

"The best thing was that we went through a cloud and we got all the water particles in the face at speed.

"My sister is quite scared of heights but she enjoyed it."

Laura was delighted by the response on social media trying to raise cash for charity.

She said: "On the Monday before it, I decided to put a fundraiser for it and I thought oh if I can make £100 then that would be great but it has gone up to £1320.

"It is a great amount and that will help the brain tumour charity."

Laura added that she is taking each day as it comes and having a positive outlook on life.

She said: "It is 20 months since the surgery and the consultant thought I would be dead in 18 months and I am so lucky that I have pulled through it all.

"I don't take things for granted and trying to get the best out of life.

"I have done some crazy things since I was diagnosed including driving a boat, visiting South Africa and New York and met some of my heroes including Michelle Obama."

Laura is an ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity trying to research brain tumours.