Police have seized a number of motorbikes after receiving tip-offs from residents.

Officers in Burnley were provided with information in regards to suspected stolen bikes being stored at an address in the north of the town.

Along with officers from the task force unit, members of Burnley's neighbourhood policing team attended the address on Wednesday, and seized three motorbikes, all of which were either suspected stolen or had recently made-off from the police.

Coincidentally, while dealing with the bikes, officers also located a silver VW Jetta, which they had grounds to believe had been used to carry out a number of offences.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Today Burnley north NPT and Task Force received information regarding suspected stolen motorbikes being stored at an address in the area.

"Police attended and seized three motorbikes, all of which are either suspected stolen or have recently made off from the police.

"Whilst dealing with the seizure, officers then located a Silver VW Jetta, which is believed to have been used in the commission of criminal offences.

"The Jetta was also seized.

"We would like to thank residents for continuing to work with us and if you have any information please contact PC92 Cottam on 92@Lancashire.pnn.police.uk."