While cinemas were given the green light to open again earlier this month, movie screenings are limited, and venues such as Vue aren’t planning to open their doors until the end of July.

If you are desperate to watch movies on the big screen again, drive-in cinemas offer a fun and unique experience for movie lovers- they allow you to enjoy movies from the comfort of your own car.

Many venues even deliver food right to your own window.

If you want to visit a drive-in cinema this summer, then here are some of the best events to attend in Lancashire.

Drive in Movie Show, Blackburn

Lancashire Telegraph: Toy Story 4, Grease and The Lion King are just some movies that will be screened (Photo: Drive in Movie Show)Toy Story 4, Grease and The Lion King are just some movies that will be screened (Photo: Drive in Movie Show)
When: 17-19th July
Cost: £20 per car
Shows: Friday 17 July
4pm - Toy Story 4
6pm - Sonic the Hedgehog
8pm - Grease
Saturday 18 JULY
4pm - The Lion King
6pm - Trolls World Tour
8pm - The Greatest Showman
Sunday 19 July
4pm - Jumani 2
6pm - Mamma Mia
8pm - Bohemian Rhapsody

This weekend, the movies are coming to Witton Country Park. Simply purchase your tickets, park up, and tune your radio into the correct frequency.

If you are hungry for snacks and hot food, then a food kiosk will be available on site.

Get your tickets online.

Luna Cinema, Bolton Abbey

When: 26-27 August
Cost: £16 (£23.50 for seated admission)
26 August- Rocketman

27 August- Dirty Dancing

Luna Cinema lets you enjoy some top Hollywood movies- while social distancing in your car.

If you’re feeling peckish, they also have a selection of food and drink available which can be ordered from your phone.

You can even enjoy an alcoholic beverage, including beer, prosecco and wine, while watching your chosen movie.

Want to attend this event? Book Online.

Lancaster Lockdown Cinema Club

When: 29 July-16 August
Cost: TBA
Line up: TBA
This cinema is a new attraction in Lancaster and is set to open at the end of this month.

Lancaster Lockdown Cinema will feature a whopping 45 films over three weeks and will include Hollywood classics,  as well as newer releases.

The exact line up is yet to be announced, but will include singalongs such as, Grease, The Greatest Showman, Moulin Rouge. Horror films, The Hunt and Contagion are also on the screening list.

Tickets will be priced per car, and refreshments will be available on site or ordered in advance.

You can keep up-to-date with the company by following their Facebook page.