A FURTHER nine people have been fined by police for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules, the latest figures have revealed.

A total of 779 members of the public  were issued with a fine in Lancashire until July 6, up from 770 - the figure published two weeks ago.

The latest figures show that Lancashire is now seventh place in terms of forces which have issued the most tickets, behind North Yorkshire, The Met, Devon and Cornwall, Sussex, West Yorkshire, Dorset and Thames Valley.

In total, the data shows that a total of 16,019 fines were issued by forces between 27 March to 6 July in England. 2,637 were issued by forces in Wales for the same period.

In the new period covered by the latest release from the National Police Chiefs' Council, between 23 June and 6 July, 97 fines were issued in England and 57 in Wales.

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair, Martin Hewitt said: “I’d like to again thank the vast majority of the public for following the rules and being patient as existing measures change and new measures are introduced. Officers are also adapting to these changes at the same pace as the public, and we all collectively understand that the sooner we see the transmission of the virus diminish, the less need for enforcement there will be.

“These are important restrictions still in place for the protection of the public’s health and wellbeing.

“In order to avoid further peaks and local lockdowns, I’m again stressing the need for everyone to be personally responsible and think twice before they go about their business – plan your trips, wear coverings where necessary, and don’t cram in public places where distancing is already difficult to achieve.”