A CANCER survivor is attempting to break a world record to encourage women to attend smear tests.

In a bid to raise awareness around women’s reproductive health, Andrea Mason, 38, from Blackpool has confirmed she will attempt a new World Record this September.

She will attempt to swim the three longest lakes in Wales, England and Scotland, run the three highest peaks in all three countries and cycle between all of them.

This will mean swimming 65km, cycling 800km and running 44km up three mountains – in just five days. No one has ever attempted this near impossible challenge or anything close to it.

Ms Mason’s desire to take on this epic ‘Sea to Summit Extreme – Lakes Edition’ challenge and raise awareness about women’s reproductive conditions, comes after she was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and cervical cancer in 2017, resulting in major surgery to save her life.

Endometriosis is a gynaecological condition which is as common as diabetes, but still relatively unknown. Like many women, it took her years to get an endometriosis diagnosis and after missing several smear tests, she is now on a mission to encourage women worldwide to attend or organise their smear tests.

She said: "I am fearful that the number of women missing their cervical smear tests will have risen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Knowing that 1 in 3 women already do not attend their smear test and 1 in 10 women currently have endometriosis, more than ever before I want to raise awareness around these issues.

"With Covid-19 occupying the thoughts of the world, we want to make sure that women’s reproductive health is not forgotten."

Ms Mason has also created a new charity Lady Talk Matters, which has a mission to ensure everyone around the world, regardless of sex, age, race or socio-economic status can talk openly and freely about female reproductive health.

Last summer, in just five days, Andrea successfully swam the Channel, cycled from Calais to Chamonix Mont-Blanc in France, and climbed to the top of Mont Blanc, which stands at 4180m.

This was the first Sea to Summit Extreme challenge and was just the start of the mission to remove the taboo surrounding women’s reproductive health and encouraging women and girls to have their cervical smear tests.

For more information about ‘Sea to Summit Extreme 2020 – The Lakes Edition’ and how you can get involved or donate visit www.seatosummitextreme.com.