FISHING permits are available again for the bank of the River Ribble at Edisford in Clitheroe.

But post-lockdown, anglers are being asked to take five pieces of litter home with them to clean up the bank.

Ribble Valley Council has put the passes back on sale following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

It is backing an Angling Trust’s ‘Take 5’ campaign asking those out fishing to take five pieces of litter home with them.

After a recent hot weekend, council workers collected 300 bags of rubbish from the Edisford riverbank.

Stuart Carefoot, chairman of Ribble Valley Council’s community committee, said: “The last few months have highlighted the importance of public spaces.

“The lifting of lockdown restrictions has seen people getting out and enjoying open spaces, but sadly this has been accompanied by unprecedented amounts of litter. If every UK angler supports the ‘Take 5’ campaign, in a year 15 million pieces of litter would be removed.”

Fishing permits in Ribble Valley start from £16.50 a day for local adults (£7.80 for juniors and seniors) to just £53.40 for a season for local adults (£22.90 for juniors and seniors).

Adult visitors can expect to pay from £20.20 to £66.60, depending on the duration of the permit, with substantial discounts for juniors and seniors.