WITH lockdown rules easing across the country, couples who were due to tie the knot during the first few months of the coronavirus crisis are now allowed to marry in smaller, more intimate ceremonies.

And on Friday, Eaves Hall in Clitheroe held its first wedding since lockdown.

Emma and Carl Brewer, from Colne, were due to get married on July 10 at Clitheroe Register Office.

The newlyweds, both 40, were then hoping to board a cruise to Norway but because of the pandemic, both events were sadly cancelled.

However, following the announcement at the beginning of July that small wedding ceremonies could go ahead with guests dining together in a family bubble, the couple contacted Eaves Hall about organising a meal and accommodation to celebrate their big day.

The new Mrs Brewer, a musician and mother-of-two, said: “It’s been a whirlwind.

“The day was just about us and was very intimate with only close family, as we thought we can always celebrate with other members later when the dangers of coronavirus have passed.

“The staff at Eaves Hall were amazing - they set candles out for us and made it so romantic. It was all more relaxed really.

“It just shows that a wedding can be done with small numbers but on a big scale at a venue like Eaves Hall.”

Mrs Brewer said it had been very trying being told she couldn’t tie the knot due to Covid-19 and the couple’s cruise to Norway being put on hold.

She added: “It’s a very basic thing getting married, we’ve always done it as people in normal circumstances.

“I think there should be a facility from now on for these eventualities, where weddings for those in bubbles and tested people can still go ahead.

“There is too much put on big events and weddings in general anyway, and nowadays people like Eaves Hall cater well and with technology you can always live stream. We were supposed to go on the Iona P &O liner to the Fjords in Norway. We love Norway and the Fjords are such a beautiful, magical place.”

Marketing Manager for James Places, the parent company of Eaves Hall, Heidi Kettle said: “Ordinarily we hosts much larger events, but the current circumstances mean that we’ve had to postpone most weddings.

“However because this one is so small it could go ahead, and it was lovely to celebrate the fact that love really does endures.”