A RESIDENTS group has been left high and dry after Lancashire County Council refused their request to restore flowing water to their town’s fountain

The Bacup Fountain Group, with the backing of Rossendale Borough Council, called upon LCC to restore water to the Coronation Fountain on Market Street, Bacup.

The future of the fountain was revisited during the Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative and Bacup 2040 Vision and Masterplan, and restoring a flowing fountain had overwhelming support from residents and businesses.

But last week, bosses at LCC rejected the request on the grounds that it was too dangerous due to the fountain’s location on a busy roundabout.

Chair of The Fountain Group, Janet Boon said: “The Fountain Group and RBC are very disappointed to hear this news as LCC have not even had the courtesy of responding or acknowledging the correspondence.

“Information has been provided to LCC in support of the Coronation Fountain flowing again but no negotiations or discussions have taken place and even though they say they are prepared to work with us, we have had no contact whatsoever.

“We are now all asking the question, does LCC even care about Bacup? We have all been through a difficult period with the Covid-19 pandemic and Bacup has struggled to get through it.

“Rossendale Borough Council has worked really hard on the Bacup 2040 Vision and Masterplan with local businesses and residents, and finding a solution for the fountain was always a central part of this, but without the support of Lancashire County Council, it was not included in the Future High Street Fund Bid.

“Seeing the water flowing in the fountain once again would further demonstrate that Bacup really is on the up.

“The Bacup Fountain group and Rossendale Borough Council will continue with the excellent work achieved so far. The fountain is a very important focal point in the town situated at the gateway to it. We need to get it right.”

The Coronation Fountain was donated by the Bacup Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society in 1953 and water flowed for more than half a century.