OVER £10,000 was found in a car driven by a man trying to escape police.

Officers entered into a police chase with the driver overnight on Sunday after a grey Audi A6 sped through a red traffic light on Padiham Road, almost crashing into a police car.

The driver then failed to stop as requested by officers, later abandoning his car on Mercer Street where the man attempted to run away from officers.

However, the man didn’t get very far due to the fact he was wearing flipflops – causing him to fall over and hit is head.

A spokesman from Burnley police said: “Unfortunately for the male running a red light and nearly crashing into an officer wasn’t his only bad life choice, he has made the fashion faux pas of wearing flip flops resulting in him not getting very far before he has fallen head first down an alleyway.

“The male was found hiding nearby in a back garden, barefoot and sporting a large bump on his head.

“To add to his problems, he was found to be nearly twice the drink drive limit and had nearly £10,100 in his vehicle.

“He was subsequently arrested for drink driving and money laundering and is now nursing his head in Greenbank custody awaiting interview.”