A MUM-of-four who kicked and spat at four police officers and threw water over a nurse through a prison cell door has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard how officers were called to an address in Oswaldtwistle on May 31 to deal with an intoxicated woman who was refusing to leave the property.

When they arrived, they offered Laura Cox, the defendant, a lift home, but despite initial compliance, the 33-year-old became aggressive, and kicked, spat at and tried to bite four female police officers.

Prosecuting, Beth Pilling said: "She was transported to custody all the while being abusive and banging her head against the doors.

"Once in custody she seeks medical advice and the nurse comes, which is when she picks up a cup of water and throws it at the nurse's face through the hatch in the door."

Cox, formerly of Midland Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to assaulting PCs Amy Noakes, Jodi Yates, Carol Lushman and Charla Devereux, and nurse Ainslie Ellison.

Judge Sara Dodd said: “I have to deal with you for five separate offences for assaulting emergency workers who were all female.

"All of these were committed in the space of an hour and a half on May 31 at a time when the nation was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Officers entered the house and found you drunk, they offered to take you home and when you went to the police van you became aggressive

"You kicked PC Noakes and tried to punch her, then spat at her and towards PC Yates.

"Such was your agitation that PC Yates used PAVA spray and put a spit hood on you.

"PC Devereux tried to restrain you and you assaulted her, and spat into PC Lushman's face while you were wearing the spit hood.

"In fact, PC Lushman describes you as one of the most volatile people she has dealt with in her 16 years serving as a police officer.

"A nurse was called later to try and calm you down but you threw a cup of water at her through the hatch in the prison cell door.

"I have read your pre-sentence report which says you were doing well in trying to stay away from alcohol, and this came as a shock to those supporting you."

At the time of the incidents, Cox, who has three convictions for six offences, was in breach of a suspended sentence imposed on her in January for a similar offence of assaulting an emergency worker.

She was sentenced to seven months in prison.