Since lockdown began, an East Lancashire baker has been busy donating thousands of pastry-filled treats to needy causes across the county.

Accrington-based Hollands Pies estimate almost 20,000 of their tasty pies have been given to those struggling through the coronavirus crisis.

And they're showing no signs of slowing down in their commitment to donate more of their products to those most in need.

So far they've given away pies to people self-isolating, those using food banks, and ahead of VE Day, veterans.

Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies, Leanne Holcroft, said: “During a difficult period for all, we’re pleased to have brought pastry joy to folk all over the North West by donating almost 20,000 pies which, stacked on top of one another, would equal the total height of five Blackpool Towers.

“Whilst we know the lockdown measures are starting to ease, we still remain committed to helping those who need it, and whilst it’s a small gesture we hope we can continue to make a positive difference.”

Most of the recipients of the tasty treats were nominated by Holland’s Pies fans on the baker’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Charities and emergency services also received pies including Lancashire firefighters, Hyndburn Food Bank, Gateway Burnley, and many more.

Moving forward, Holland’s Pies said they will continue, where possible, to work with various worthy causes such as food banks.

Kate Cunliffe, Homelessness Service Manager at Gateway, said: “The donation from Holland’s Pies was very much appreciated.

"Support from local businesses and the wider community is invaluable to our service, even more so at this time.

"It makes it even better that we can share local produce with the people who we help and work with every day.”