POLICE have urged youngsters to not gather on land near an abandoned factory following several admissions to hospital with a range of ailments.

The Hyndburn Neighbourhood Policing Team said they came across upwards of 100 youths, aged between 13 and 17 years of age, on the land around the abandoned factory off Hermitage Street in Rishton.

Health chiefs have launched an investigation and warned against swimming at the well-known beauty spot ­– after several teenagers fell ill after going in the water.

Mill water warning as teens fall ill after swim

Lancashire County Council and the Environment Agency are looking into ‘a potential issue’ with the water at Rishton Paper Mill.

One schoolboy ended up in hospital and others suffered from sickness, diarrhoea and marks on their skin.

On Saturday, a week after the incident, Public Health England North West and Hyndburn Council said: “We have reports of children becoming ill after swimming in the water and would advise people not to enter the water.

“If you have been in this water and develop sickness or diarrhoea, fever or abdominal pain within 10 days of swimming contact your GP.”

A spokesperson for Hyndburn Police added: "There is a significant health risk to anyone accessing this land.

"This land is currently dangerous. Do not go there please!"