DURING lockdown The Lancashire Telegraph launched its lockdown heroes campaign to show off the efforts of those going the extra mile.

We have seen some kind people unite across East Lancashire because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Although things will never be the same again we have seen how people come together at times in need.

Our key workers faced change and put their lives at risk to keep others safe. 
Businesses closed and some will never reopen again, but that goes with the rollercoaster we have had to ride since lockdown began.

MP Kate Hollern, backed our campaign from the start and said that the community spirit shown during lockdown has been ‘wonderful’.

She said: “What a wonderful sense of community spirit that we have seen across Blackburn and Darwen.
“I’m in no doubt that as we all will continue to pull together and look after each other, even though the lockdown is easing.

“These unsung heroes deserve the recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty in work, by volunteering in the community or simply by keeping an eye out for our neighbours whilst continuing to shop for their neighbours and managing to observe social distancing rules.

“This has made a massive difference across our towns and we will ensure our communities remain strong.”

Even though we are not well and truly over the pandemic and we still face uncertainty, the lockdown heroes came together across East Lancashire and that means we have certainly restored our faith in humanity.

The Lancashire Telegraph Editor, Karl Holbrook said that the stories we have received have boosted morale.

Karl said: “It has been wonderful to see so many amazing people that live in East Lancashire come together. Lockdown has been a tough time but as things ease, we hope that the community spirit will continue,” he added.

“The lockdown heroes campaign has been absolutely fantastic and I am behind anything that gets the true unsung heroes recognition that they deserve.

“Thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations.”

If you know a lockdown hero that deserves to be mentioned and hasn’t yet been in the paper then email their details to simone.okane@newsquest.co.uk.